This segment covers shadiviyah's treatment of actually identifiable data that shadiviyah gathers when you are on our site.
Read on for data on the accompanying angles about our Privacy Policy:
1How can we trust shadiviyah.com that they will not use my data in an objectionable manner?
The portal of shadiviyah.com is a completely safe and a secure site which promises to use the data of the applicants only for the purposes pertaining to matrimony. We never use the data available to us in an unobjectionable manner. To build the confidence of the applicants, we have provided a direct means of communication between the applicants and the visionary of the portal, the owner of the portal, Mr. Ashish Kumar. To provide an overview of how a user can protect their data and maintain their security, you can refer to the page privacy features. Shadiviyah.com employs a team which is solely committed to your motive of seeking the most eligible match for you and your acquaintance. We never do anything that is unethical and breaches the parameters set by law.
2How will the list of matches be presented to us, the users?
The ways of presentation are very simple.
  • The users will have to register to the site as a paid member at a minimal cost. Then the users will be provided unrestricted access to all the matches. The registration is simple procedure.
  • You can select from unlimited verified results your ideal match with our feature of filter of data.
  • The data is presented in a categorical way according to the suitability to your options. The data will include all the features that the user is seeking.
3How will shadiviyah.com inform me of matches that might be suitable for me?
Shadiviyah.com has multifold way of approaching the registered user so that they can be assured that the needs of the user are being catered and that shadiviyah.com gives equal and utmost importance to them. It keeps updating the registered users about new and suitable matches via notification box present in their profile regarding how many users have preferred them and taken the option of “I’m interested” for their profile. Another unique feature is that all the registered users will be placed on the top of search results for the given specifications on the filter. You also get highlighted to your suitable matches.
4How can the other users be contacted in case of preference?
Shadiviyah.com provides to its users an interactive user interface apart from being one the biggest matrimonial website in India. The facility of contacting the other users is available only after paid registration to the site. The registered users get a platform to chat with the other seeking souls. The idea is to create a more accommodative environment which aids to the better bonding between the seeking souls. Another striking feature that shadiviyah.com has incorporated is that the registered and paid members get an access to the contact of 150 matches of the choice. This feature is so created keeping in mind the security and privacy of the user. The site does not use the data of the person for personal gains in such that might result in the detriment of the security, privacy, integrity of the person.
5How does shadiviyah.com ensure the maintenance of our security and seek our discretion before any actions being so taken?

You can utilize the Photo Request alternative on Shadiviyah.com. Shadiviyah.com offers free checking and transfer administrations to its individuals.

You can report your grievance if the photo request is being sent regularly and constant urge is being made to send a photo from the other side even if the request has been declined.

You can block the profile from which unwanted spam messages are being sent or call demands are being made.

You can also report an account if there is any attempt of abuse you in any way possible (abuse shall constitute any act that will harm or weaken the mental, physical, psychological or economical state of the person and acts that violate the general good order established by the usage of the website).

You can also report the profile if the profile uses a different name and information in real life than it is doing so on the website. Provided that you will have to give a reasonable proof to us. All this ensures that your security is maintained and that it is your discretion only that affects you personally.