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Hello viewers,

Shadiviyah.com is an online matrimonial matchmaking portal that offers to you, your chance to find the one true soul who was destined for you by allowing you to winnow out your ideal match from thousands of results. Be sure to find the one you couldn’t find, here.

We offer to you verified results through a system of simple yet a highly categorical method of selection of brides and grooms from all the castes, religions, age groups, areas, ethnicities that suit you because we understand the importance of right matches in life and thus we came up with a platform that caters to all your needs, from matching of the horoscopes to providing contact numbers to facilitate further bonding. We proudly claim to have been the matchmakers for innumerous happy couples that are doing just fine in life. We give guaranteed matches to individuals.

We succeed in providing-

The best results in the lowest possible cost because we treat you as our own family and hence believe in giving to you the best.
The largest possible options of matches in a conducive environment wherein the like minds can interact, where hearts come into sync, where souls can bind.
Exciting gifts and surprises for the couples who have met over shadiviyah.com

Our respect towards the values of shadi and our understanding of bonds and relations between you and us are what motivate us to work harder day and night so that we can give you just what you want in life and from life.

I envisioned shadiviyah.com to provide a one stop solution to meet all the needs that need to be met in the pure and strong bond of matrimony which is the very reason we now are one of the biggest names among the matrimonial sites in India. My team and I value your relationship with us and we are committed to serving your purpose, always, selflessly providing you any sort of help needed in the process of finding your true love, 24/7.

Let us join hands and work together to give to you a smooth present and a happy and loving future.

Sincerely Yours,

Founder, shadiviyah

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