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1Why should I add my photograph to my Shadiviyah.com Profile?
Our statistics show that adding a photo to your Profile increases the number of times your Profile is viewed, by upto 7 times. You are also likely to receive 10 times as many responses if you add a Profile photo. You can add upto 20 photos to your Shadiviyah.com Profile. Click here to add Photos to your Profile.
2Is it safe to add my photos along with the Profile?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to add Photos to your Profile.
3While uploading my photograph, I saw an error message that the image must be in jpg, gif, bmp, tiff or png format, what does this mean?
Jpg, gif, bmp, tiff and png are the most popular digital image formats on the internet. Shadiviyah.com accepts only these image formats for Profile photos.
4How do I remove my Photo from my Profile?
To remove your photo from your Profile, go to your My Photos page and use the delete function on the photo that you want to remove.
5Why are my uploaded photos not appearing on my Profile?
Shadiviyah.com screens all photographs uploaded by Members to ensure that these photos are genuine and do not violate socially accepted norms. It takes us up to 24 hours to screen your photos, during which period your photos will not be visible. We will notify you via email once your photo passes the screening process and becomes visible on Shadiviyah.com.
6What privacy options are available for photos?
Privacy options of 'Password Protection' and 'Photo Visible to Contacted and Accepted Members' are available on shadiviyah.com. Click here to change your Photo Privacy settings.
7Why do some images have the "Shadiviyah.com watermarks" written on them while others don't?
We received numerous member feedback that Shadiviyah.com watermark across the photograph was an unpleasant experience while viewing a member's photo. So we have decided that all images post Oct 08 2015 would not carry a watermark across the photograph.
8How do I remove the Shadiviyah.com Watermark from my image?
Please upload the photos again and the watermark will be removed as per the default setting.

Guidelines for adding photos to your profile

Photos you can upload
Close UpClose Up
Full ViewFull View
Photos you cannot upload
Side FaceSide Face
Basic Rules:
Smile. Your matches are more likely to respond.
Add recent and clear photos.
You can upload 20 photos to your profile. Each photo must be less than 15 MB and in jpg, gif, png, bmp or tiff format.
Beyond these basic rules, here are some reasons we reject photos:
You are the focus of your profile. Do not add group photos.
Sideways or upside-down photos are likely to be rejected.
Watermarked, digitally enhanced, morphed photos or photos with your personal information will be rejected.
Do not upload irrelevant photographs such as celebrity photos or obscene photos. It may lead to deactivation of your profile and membership.
Do not upload photograph which shows you with a cigarette / cigar.