Do’s And Dont’s

Be Safe Online

Shadiviyah plans to give you a safe and secure condition in which you pursuit and discover your life accomplice.

  • Our Customer Relations group guarantees that each profile set up at shadiviyah is screened for unessential or potentially improper substance.
  • We likewise have strict mishandle aversion and detailing frameworks for those that do traverse our screening frameworks.

Notwithstanding, in guaranteeing your wellbeing and security, we're constrained to activities that are inside our control. Subsequently, it is vital for you to practice some straightforward safeguards for your protection and for a sheltered and secure understanding.
Here are some basic rules YOU can take after to ensure your protection.

1. Protect your obscurity
Our arrangement of unknown reaching (sending welcome to associate, tolerating/declining), and private informing (Communicate segment) is to guarantee that your personality is ensured until the point that YOU choose to uncover it.

  • Keep in mind that you are responsible for your online involvement with all circumstances. You can remain totally mysterious until the point that YOU pick not to.

  • Try not to incorporate your own contact data like name, email address, personal residence, phone numbers, work environment or some other distinguishing data in your underlying messages.
  • Try not to send contact data until the point that your senses disclose to you this is somebody you can trust. It's alright to require your investment.

2. Begin moderate - Use messages at first
Set up a different email represent imparting. Trust your impulses and begin by sharing just your email address and imparting exclusively by means of email.

  • Search for odd conduct or irregularities. Genuine individuals will regard your space and enable you to take as much time as necessary.
  • Request that a companion read the messages you get - a fair spectator can spot cautioning signs you missed.
  • Quit speaking with any individual who weights you for individual data or endeavors in any capacity to deceive you into uncovering it.

  • Try not to utilize signature lines in your messages that incorporate your telephone numbers and addresses.
  • Try not to utilize your customary or authority email id for speaking with a man you don't know well.

3. Demand for a photograph
A photograph will give you a smart thought of the individual's appearance, which may demonstrate supportive in accomplishing a premonition.

  • You can utilize the Photo Request alternative on Since offers free checking and transfer administrations to its individuals, there's no reason somebody shouldn't have the capacity to give you a photograph.
  • Truth be told, it's best to see a few pictures of somebody in different settings: easygoing, formal, indoor and outside. On the off chance that all you hear are pardons concerning why you can't see a photograph, consider that he or she has a comment.

4. Visit on the telephone
A telephone call can uncover much about a man's correspondence and social aptitudes. Think about your security and don't uncover your own telephone number to an outsider.

  • Utilize a prepaid cell phone number or utilize neighborhood phone blocking strategies to keep your telephone number from showing up in Caller ID. Just outfit your telephone number when you feel totally great and have some foundation data on the other individual.
  • On the off chance that somebody gives you a telephone number with an interesting territory code, look at it to ensure it's not a charge number before you decide.

5. Meet after You agree.
The magnificence of meeting on the web is that you can gather data bit by bit, later picking whether to seek after the relationship in the disconnected world. You never are committed to meet anybody. Go at your own particular pace!

  • Keep in mind that you are in charge with regards to taking an online relationship disconnected.
  • Regardless of whether you choose to orchestrate a gathering, you generally have the privilege to alter your opinion. It's conceivable that your choice to keep the relationship at the mysterious level depends on a hunch that you can't intelligently clarify. Believe yourself. Run with your senses.

6. Meet in a sheltered place
When you meet disconnected it is a smart thought to attempt and incorporate either or both of your families. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you believe the sufficiently individual to meet alone dependably tell a companion or your family where you are going and when you will return.

  • When you choose to meet up close and personal with somebody out of the blue, pick an open place, (for example, an eatery/bistro) when numerous individuals are near and guarantee your own particular transportation forward and backward.
  • For the primary gathering it is constantly great not to meet the other individual alone. Take a companion or relative along and ask him/her to do likewise.
  • On the off chance that you do choose to meet him/her alone leave the name, address and phone number of the individual you will meet with your companion or relative. Take a wireless alongside you.

  • Never organize your planned match to lift you up or drop you at home.
  • Try not to go to a confined place or a motion picture alone at the principal meeting.

7. Look for notice signs
Looking for notice signs and following up on it is the surest method to stay away from an awkward circumstance.

  • Solicit a considerable measure from inquiries and look for irregularities. This will enable you to distinguish liars and cons, and it will enable you to see whether you're perfect.
  • Focus on presentations of outrage, exceptional disappointment or endeavors to weight or control you. Acting in an angry way, making belittling or impolite remarks, or any physically wrong conduct are largely cautioning signs.
  • Include your family or your dear companions in your scan for an existence accomplice and don't take a choice singularly.

  • Try not to disregard the accompanying conduct exceptionally on the off chance that it is without a worthy clarification:
    • Gives conflicting data about age, interests, appearance, conjugal status, calling, business, and so on.
    • Neglects to give guide answers to coordinate inquiries
    • Shows up essentially extraordinary face to face from his or her online persona
    • Never acquaints you with companions, proficient partners or relatives

8. Be careful with cash tricks
Watch out for cash tricks. There are simply excessively numerous scalawags and trick craftsmen around the globe, and they are all over.

  • Be careful about the individuals who attempt to approach cash from you for reasons unknown. Be that as it may, it is more secure to remove the correspondence. Keep in mind a veritable individual won't approach you for cash in any situation. On the off chance that somebody approaches you for cash, utilize good judgment and never yield to such demands.
  • In the event that somebody approaches you for cash report the circumstance to us.

  • Take all the time you have to choose a reliable individual and give careful consideration en route. Be dependable about sentiment, and don't fall for the most established con traps of individuals who shower love and friendship at the primary occurrence and vanish later. Try not to wind up rashly near somebody, regardless of whether that closeness just happens on the web.

Utilizing your own decision making ability is your most solid option in light of the fact that at last you are in charge of your own involvement. Trust your impulses and afterward push forward with the correct individual!

On the off chance that you do have an unpalatable ordeal you can simply report it to the specialists.

Grievance Redressal

If there should be an occurrence of any worry with respect to a conceivable abuse, you may take after the beneath specified strides to enlist an objection:
- Go to the concerned profile and report abuse against the profile
- The protest would be followed up on by our Safety Desk
- An email would be sent to your enlisted email address about the receipt of the grumbling and the move made will try to give all conceivable some other statutory examination organization to handle deceitful clients of, on being particularly taught by the said experts to do as such.

To report extortion or abuse, write to us keep in touch with us giving full points of interest of your case.